I’m delighted to be working on a second project with Chris Devon. From an author perspective, he is a great partner and a pleasure to work with. And as far as my readers are concerned, I’ll let their reviews speak for themselves, but let’s just say they LOVE him!

Lexi Rees, Author

There is a an ease and sense of geniality to his voice that is extremely pleasant. His voice work is great, providing a nice cast of characters. His work is extremely similar to that of David Tennant. Tennant, often recognised for his work on Broadchurch or Doctor Who, is a truly wonderful narrator and voice actor. Devon, at times, sounds eerily similar and with equal skill.

World Geekly News

It was really special to see my characters spring to life, when Chris “illustrated” the drawings with his voice. He added this magical third dimension to every character in the book, making their personalities show so much better still. Chris’s process truly was a combination of voice, words AND pictures. A real joy to listen to.

Magda Brol, Illustrator

Writing a story is a craft, but so is reading a story out loud. It’s a performance of a single voice that must engage the reader and hold them. Chris Devon does this; he’s a terrific narrator and reader of stories.

Adam Nevill, Author

The audio itself was extremely well narrated by Chris Devon, who did a brilliant job of using a range of voices so the characters can be distinguished between easily – I feel this is important for young children who find it more difficult to focus on audio.

Audible listener

I’ve been lucky enough to have Chris Devon read one of my books, he’s done a fantastic job in bringing the characters, stories and dialogue to life. He’s a brilliant actor with a great range of vocal talent that can make any book come alive. I couldn’t have been happier with the job he did.

Tom McLaughlin, Author

We’re very grateful to Chris Devon for reading our Roly-Poly Flying Pony books! He does great voices and gives the stories good energy and comic timing. His voice for the villain, Baz Gumption, is worryingly convincing! We wouldn’t want to run into Chris’s Baz in a dark alley.

Sarah McIntyre, Illustrator & Philip Reeve, Author

Chris Devon is a treat to listen to. He carries off several voices with different accents without a hint of struggle, and he really brings the story to life, painting vivid pictures with his voice.

Audible listener