Luke ‘n’ Conor’s Hundred To One Club
Author: J C Williams

For some kids, playing their game console was a matter of life and death….

But for 10-year-olds Luke and Conor, it was more important even than that!

In fact, the topic of conversation on every boy’s – and even a fair few girls’ – lips was the latest shoot-em-up survival game called Hundred-to-One.

The prospect of competing in the Hundred-to-One world championship tournament, with untold riches in prize money and international bragging rights, was simply irresistible. The only thing standing in Luke and Conor’s path to victory was the Isle of Man regional heat they’d have to win. Oh, and the fact that every kid in everyschool everywhere had exactly the same dream they did. So, yeah, there was that as well.

But Luke and Conor wouldn’t let anything stand in their way! Well, okay, apart from homework, maybe, and the school bully, and a younger boy with a watery eye and a gammy leg…and along, of course, with their mums’ rubbish insistence that they set the game controller down and (gasp!) venture outside for fresh air on occasion. The lads were determined, though. And their obsession for gaming glory in a virtual world, as it happened, could also open up the possibility of new friendships and new adventure in the real world.

A hilarious, feel-good audiobook that’s genuinely one for the whole family.

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Luke ‘n’ Conor’s Hundred to One Club