Monstrous Devices Audiobook

Title: Monstrous Devices
Author: Damien Love
Narrator: Chris Devon
Book Publisher: Rock The Boat
Audiobook publisher: Nudged Audiobooks

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A reading from Monstrous Devices by Damien Love

When twelve-year-old Alex receives an old tin robot in the post, the note from his grandfather simply reads: ‘This one is special’. But as strange events start occurring around him, it doesn’t take Alex long to suspect that the small toy is more than special; it might also be deadly.

Just as things are getting out of hand, Alex’s grandfather arrives, whisking him away from his otherwise humdrum life and into a world of strange, macabre magic. From Paris to Prague, they flee across snowy Europe in a quest to unravel the riddle of the little robot, and outwit relentless assassins of the human and mechanical kind. How does Alex’s grandfather know them? And can Alex safely harness the robot’s power, or will it fall into the wrong, wicked hands?

“A breakneck adventure story, told thrillingly here”

Patricia Nicol, The Times, Sunday Times Culture recommended audiobook

Any opportunity to play eccentric, larger than life characters, I will jump at. Alex’s grandfather delivers so much entertainment value in this book; I miss becoming him every day. He also gives you an overwhelming urge for fish and chips I just feel obliged to warn you about.

Monstrous Devices is thrilling, terrifying, hilarious and a perfect example of what happens when quality writing meets a beautiful imagination.

Thanks to Damien Love and Rock The Boat Publications.