Sanctuary: The Melding of the Creatures
Author: Julie O’Toole

The Quarrels of the Semites have nearly brought mankind to extinction. Five school friends from genetically engineered Tribes whose genes have been melded with those from across the plant and animal kingdoms, whose lives are scripted and long, embark on their last adventure before manhood and adult responsibilities. One is of the Northern Tribes, one of the Semitic Tribes, one of the African Tribes, one of the Indian Tribes and one of the reconstituted Neanderthal Tribe. A terrible murder changes their trajectory and brings them into contact with un-engineered tribes and women outside their carefully crafted mate selection. When an astonishing plot is uncovered to kidnap and harvest women and girls for their eggs to take into outer Space as part of a trip of conquest, everything they knew and believed to be true is called into doubt. Love, loyalty, treachery and death become the new way of life.

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