Writing a story is a craft, but so is reading a story out loud. It’s a performance of a single voice that must engage the reader and hold them. Chris does this; he’s a terrific narrator and reader of stories.

Adam Nevill, Author

We recently used Chris to voice over one of our promotional videos and his professional recording and presence took our video to the next level. It was so easy to send a short script via Facebook to Chris, which was turned around in no time, all formatted perfectly. Highly recommended for all your corporate and promotional videos

Lexus Stoke

Working with Chris was fantastic. His passion for storytelling really helped our online campaign take off!

Oneworld Publications

We’re very grateful to Chris Devon for reading our Roly-Poly Flying Pony books! He does great voices and gives the stories good energy and comic timing.

Sarah McIntyre, Author & Illustrator

I’m delighted to be working on a second project with Chris Devon. From an author perspective, he is a great partner and a pleasure to work with. And as far as my readers are concerned, I’ll let their reviews speak for themselves, but let’s just say they LOVE him!

Lexi Rees, Author

He’s a brilliant actor with a great range of vocal talent that can make any book come alive. I couldn’t have been happier with the job he did.

Tom McLaughlin, Author & Illustrator

As a Narrator, Chris brings great care for his craft along with a sharp ear for detail and a vivid sense of character – not to mention boundless enthusiasm. It’s a combination that can lift words off the page and give them life in ways even the Author never quite expected: a kind of real-life magic.

Damien Love, Author

I’ve worked with a number of voice over artists and can honestly say that Chris is one of the finest you’ll come across. He’s a consummate professional and his voice lends itself across multiple genres. He’s able to convey both humour and sadness with equal ability. He also genuinely cares about the project and he is also a thoroughly decent chap to work with.

JC Williams, Author

Chris is a very talented narrator and brings huge energy and fun to his work. He was the perfect choice to narrate my latest story and is also a big supporter of all the authors he works with.

Jo Simmons, Author

I was delighted by how Chris brought my book to life. His enthusiasm for the project, and his nuanced reading, did real justice to the text.

Will Buckingham, Author

Chris’s process truly was a combination of voice, words AND pictures. A real joy to listen to.

Magda Brol, Illustrator