Another Heatwave Warning

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Another heatwave warning

Another extreme heat warning… when will the heatwave end? Is it any worse than the extreme heat in the comments sections on Facebook? Answer… no. Not even close.

Once again the UK has issued another heatwave warning. News outlets across the UK are talking about it, which means, as always… it’s kicking off in the comments.

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Is it extreme heat? Is it climate change? Is it just Summer?

I know what you’re thinking, is there a heatwave in UK? Well… the short answer is yes! But there’s more, you see I need some sun. It’s been too long since I’ve sat on a beach in the UK, drinking Pimms, eating crumpets and pickled onions and oh-so-carefully avoiding getting sand between my butt cheeks.

Alan says, “IT’S CALLED SOMMER.”

When will the heatwave end?

The Met Office weather predictions are eerily accurate. They’ve predicted the next major heatwave in the UK for August 2022 – when will this heatwave end? Can we cope with another heatwave?

John says, “BOLLACKS.”

Will there be another heatwave in the UK? Latest hot weather forecasts

The United Kingdom is experiencing severe heatwaves during the summer – including severe storms and high average temperatures since records started. In August, two areas of England including southern and central England will face temporary bans on hosepipes amid reports that some regions had experienced an unprecedented dry July.

Dee says, “Good. Get the washing dry.”

UK health security agency vs Mike on Facebook

This summer’s heatwave triggered wildfires across the nation, sparking extreme weather events including dangerous wildfires and red alert signs across several areas across the country. The temperature in the last couple of days has dropped slightly but many are unsure when the next high temperature is expected to occur.

Mike says, “just get out and enjoy the cider.”

UK heatwave: Four-day extreme heat warning for parts of UK

EPA issued its first ever amber extreme heat warning. This warning covers the South East, central and southern England and parts of Wales between midnight Thursday and midnight Sunday. Temperature could reach the heatwave temperature threshold of 35 C in some places but Thames Water is one of the first companies to announce the hosepipe ban plan.

Northern England and wales isn’t much bloody cooler, I can tell you.

Barbara on Facebook said, “do your research.”

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