Audiobook Narrator

I have narrated over 50 audiobooks for children, teens and adults. Being an audiobook narrator, telling stories to listeners around the world is the biggest privilege of my career.

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Please note: full credit for the body of work shown below goes to my mum, who took me to the library every day from the moment I was old enough to turn a page.

Audiobook Samples

Guardians of Magic by Chris Riddell (children’s/fantasy, dialogue with character work)
Every Little Piece of My Heart by Non Pratt (YA/teen romance, M/F dialogue)
Last Days by Adam Nevill (Horror, first person narration)
Wild Sky by Lexi Rees (Middle grade/fantasy, 5 character scene, M/F dialog and Scottish accent)
Monstrous Devices by Damien Love (YA/sci fi thriller, dialogue, German accent)
Theodora Hendrix and the Monstrous League of Monsters by Jordan Kopy (middle grade/humour, narration)
The Mask of Aribella by Anna Hoghton (YA/fantasy, M/F young/old dialogue)
A Practical Guide to Happiness by Will Buckingham (Nonfiction, narration)

Chris is a very talented narrator and brings huge energy and fun to his work. He was the perfect choice to narrate my latest story and is also a big supporter of all the authors he works with.

Jo Simmons, Author

Voice Skills

Natural voice – General British, gentle northern (Staffordshire)

Accents – RP, Cockney, Black Country, Lancastrian, Mancunian, Scouse, Yorkshire, Scottish English, Welsh English, Southern Irish, General American, New York City

Vocal Attributes – Young adult, Natural, Articulate, Fresh, Friendly, Ideal for children, Dynamic, Eccentric, Confident, Animated

The Studio

Fully treated custom built studio space with professional acoustic treatment inside and out. Situated in a rural location.

  • Neumann TLM103 condenser microphone
  • AT4040 condenser microphone
  • DBX 286s Mic preamp/processor
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 A/D interface
  • 2021 MacBook Pro

Writing a story is a craft, but so is reading a story out loud. It’s a performance of a single voice that must engage the reader and hold them. Chris does this; he’s a terrific narrator and reader of stories.

Adam Nevill, Author

But Chris… It’s a strange mix of styles, isn’t it?

I’m glad you noticed.

I’m sometimes required to switch from cosy woodland fairytale to slapstick British comedy to bone freezing horror, sometimes on the same day. But there’s something that connects all of the above which I feel has served me very well: larger than life characters.

I love authors who take an eccentric part of someone’s life and turn it up to 11. I love ordinary, average Joes who stumble upon gateways to places we should never even see or know. I love the internal and external struggles they face, when juggling their ordinary lives with certain doom.

Hence the combination of cosy woodland fairytales, slapstick British comedy and bone freezing horror, listed below.

The Diaries of Robin’s Travels by Ken and Angie Lake (10 book box set audio companion)

The Diaries of Robin’s Toys by Ken and Angie Lake (10 book box set audio companion)