Drunk Guide to Britain

A drunk actor’s complete guide to Britain and British culture

The Drunk guide to Britain is a sketch comedy series all about British culture, told from the perspective of one drunk comedy actor.

00:00 How to avoid roadworks completely
00:31 How to skip the queue at the supermarket
00:59 How to sneak sweets into the cinema
01:32 How to get free parking anywhere
02:01 How to politely leave a party
02:31 How to eat a pork pie
02:59 How to avoid small talk
03:40 How to find the best chippy tea
04:17 How to make the perfect cut of tea
04:47 How to get over an ex

If the UK is your next location of choice for a holiday, or if you’re a British citizen looking to get more out of life, stop what you’re doing immediately. Put the touring guide books down, turn off the England tourism podcasts and remove the cat from the room.

Sign in to YouTube, subscribe to the channel and the videos you watch here will guarantee a successful trip and/or life. You will literally jump for joy and avoid crushing the cat, thanks to my helpful advice.

This is the only introduction to the rich and exciting world of British life you will ever need, covering everything from nightlife, to socialising, to food and drink and even some of the characters you’ll be sure to meet during your time here.

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