How to survive a stag do – Too Late EP11

02:17 The big light
03:11 Podcasts are a mess
06:04 Oat milk is getting out of hand
07:38 90s R&B
07:51 Stag party go karting
09:55 Paintballing
11:57 Normalise bibs for adults
13:23 Buying an air fryer in Northern Ireland
14:10 Love letter to the service station

Never invite me to your stag do. I’m terrible at go-karting; I achieved the impossibly slow, last time I went. Also, instead of paintballing, use your bare hands.

Also on the podcast, getting angry at oat milk, buying air fryers in Northern Ireland and I express my undying love for the service station. Incidentally, if your stag do is being hosted at a service station, count me in.

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