I will fight you over a Creme Egg – Q&A Livestream

First live Q&A livestream, thanks for sending in questions!


Favourite comedy sketch you’ve done? Also do you have any pets?

Do I have any pets? Yes, I have a dog called Colin. If I walked around with a lead in my hand and no dog attached to it, I would go to prison. And my favourite videos are often the ones that I film out and about these days.

And the top three things British people pretend to like, but don’t. Does anybody really, in the heart of hearts know why they enjoy gravy? What is it? It’s just a hot brown goo and most of the time, like nine times out of ten doesn’t taste of anything. You know I’m right. You know I’m right. There’s lots of other examples as well. Manchester United, Bovril, the countryside, lots and lots of things we pretend to like every single day.

What’s your top three toppings for a kebab? 

Not connected to the previous question about my dog. So if I’m out and I’ve got a few too many lemonades, I will murder anyone for a kebab or chicken, whichever. But the topping isn’t necessarily important. What’s important is the sauce. You get that sauce wrong; night ruined. And here’s another thing that British people pretend to like but don’t actually like as much as they say they do. You ready? Garlic mayo. I ain’t joking. You don’t like garlic mayo.

Mayo and hot sauce. better than anything else you can put in a kebab. So forget your toppings, keep your salad, right? I’m six pints deep and I’ve just ordered deep fried everything. I think we can forego the slice of tomato. I think I’ve taken a few years of my life already. There’s no point adding an extra 7 minutes with a tomato, if you know what I mean. I’m done. Put me in the ground. I’m done. Hot sauce  and mayo. Good night.

The first comedy sketch you’ve ever done?

But the first comedy sketch that I posted was an adaptation of a sketch that went viral on TikTok. When voice actors get the script wrong. I was very much still talking about voice acting a great deal because “write about what you know, do you know what I mean?” Go onto the main page on the channel. I think there’s a playlist of like all ten, 11, 12 parts. But there are some cock ups in those videos that are very good. And some of them are more real than you would expect.

What was your dream career growing up? 

I had to think about this and it brought up some stuff. So you owe me money for a therapist. 

The first time I remember saying to one of my parents anything about career ambitions was when I told my mom probably what, eight, nine years old, I want to be a comedian.

Who’s your favourite YouTuber? 

I don’t have many favourites, but I’ll give you the name of one who’s really, really underrated, Nick Alex. Please look up Nick Alex, very, very funny. Listen to his podcast. And I’ll tell you this and you can send this to him. I am stealing from him, left, right and centre. He has inspired me a million times. And you can tell him, I don’t care. I reckon I could take him.

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