Monstrous Devices Recommended in Sunday Times Culture

Families resigned to the indoors are looking everywhere for new and interesting sources of education, entertainment or distraction. Audiobooks have been strongly recommended to the readers of the Sunday Times, and quite rightly, too!

One such audiobook is Damien Love’s debut, Monstrous Devices. A dark, sinister, captivating and hilarious adventure in which young Alex and his eccentric Grandfather find themselves cast into a life of peril when a little toy robot begins to establish a life of it’s own…

When twelve-year-old Alex receives an old tin robot in the post, the note from his grandfather simply reads: ‘This one is special’. But as strange events start occurring around him, it doesn’t take Alex long to suspect that the small toy is more than special; it might also be deadly.

I had a wonderful time reading this audiobook, owing mostly to the character of Alex’s Grandfather. Sometimes in an actor’s life, a character comes along and you instantly aspire to be them. I can only hope to be as interesting, hilarious, inspiring and utterly bonkers as that great man, in my later years. I almost love fish and chips as much as he does.

“A breakneck adventure story, told thrillingly here”

Patricia Nicol, The Times, Sunday Times Culture recommended audiobook

The book also captured the attention of the Sunday Times Culture magazine, who’s “Lockdown Listening” feature included Monstrous Devices, which is available now on Audible, or wherever you get your heart racing adventures from.
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