My Favourite Comedy Sketch So Far

Every week I make comedy sketches for YouTube, for social media and for my own personal sanity. So far, this comedy sketch is my favourite.

At the time of writing, I have no plans to stick to any particular theme or style. I’m having a bloody lovely time letting my creativity more or less do what it wants.

The end result is published for your consideration, every Friday evening at 9pm, because sketch comedy shows on a Friday night used to be a thing in the UK and I kind of miss it.

That’s the thing about a sketch comedy series… you need stuff to write about

In the past few months in particular, I’ve surprised myself with the places my imagination is taking me with is sketch comedy thing.

Only a year ago I was sticking far too rigidly to voiceover themed short sketches. Voiceover is what I do, it’s how I make most of my money these days and it’s a world I feel I understand well enough to make fun of, on a regular basis. That said, some recurring characters from my earlier sketches will probably be making a return at some point (like this guy.)

However, the more I get into the sketch comedy writing process, the more I want to write about the different things I see and hear as I go about daily life.

Since lockdown ended and we left our homes, we have been quickly reminded why British life is a comedy goldmine. A strong example of this is in the hospitality industry where there is a wealth of awkward social faux pas that are ripe for the picking for comedy sketch ideas.

Chris Devon #ComedyBeef
Have you eaten with us here before, guys?

A Saturday Night Date Gone Wrong

My favourite comedy sketch is “When the Waiter Talks Too Much” for several reasons:

  • We’ve all been there, when the waiter cannot stop talking to you about the process of ordering your food. Choosing meal upgrades, selecting drinks, taking advantage of discount packages, sharing platters and light bites when all you want to do is eat.
  • Secondly (and probably the main reason why I love this so much,) I went to a very disturbing place towards the end of the sketch which reminds me very much of my poor attempts at sketch comedy back when I was on the radio in the early 2010s. Except this time, I think I actually pulled it off quite well!
  • The third and final reason why I love this sketch so much is because it received the highest praise I think I’ve had for any sketch so far; “Hilary Bris at a Toby Carvery.” (if you can comment below with the sketch show i’m referring to, you will win a video of me saying a swear word of your choice.)

More sketch comedy please, you idiot

Enjoy this iconic sketch. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think and if you want to see more sketches like this one, head over to the Comedy Beef page here.

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