Kicking off in the Comments

Sometimes, I read the funniest internet comments to my lovely subscribers. As usual, when it kicks off in the youtube comment section, it’s not hard to find funny youtube comments. However, it’s very hard to stomach the awful ones (you’ve all seen them.)

The youtube comment section is a scary place but let’s face it… we all head straight there when something controversial happens and wait for the hilarious comments to roll in. Admit it, you do. That’s why you’re watching this video. No judgement here, mate.

It’s fascinating how quickly you gain audience insights into the internet browsing habits and viewing habits of the great online public, the inhabitants of Google island. (I say fascinating… the comments section is bloody terrifying.) One of the most important administrative activities of my day is filtering through the madness of youtube comments so you don’t have to.

reading the funniest youtube comments about the heatwave
reading the funniest youtube comments about the heatwave

That’s why i’m giving my youtube channel subscribers somewhere to enjoy the funniest youtube comments from a safe distance. Aren’t I nice?!

Subscribe, sign out, sit back, skip ads and don’t be tempted by facebook, twitter or any similar technologies of outrage. If you’re tempted to leave a youtube comment below, go ahead. This is a safe place. That is, until the people i’m making fun of in these videos find me. Which they will.

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