Storytime Featured on World Book Day

Storytime: A Treasury of Timed Tales is a short story collection by children’s writer, Georgie Adams. It is beautifully illustrated by Magda Brol and comes in a large paperback or hardback which is bursting with colour. My task was to make sure the audiobook was equally as vibrant! Like many stories in the book, this story has a happy ending, as our audiobook is now featured on the World Book Day website!

Last Summer, I had the pleasure of giving voices to Doogle the Dinosaur, Cabbage the Cat and Buttons the Bear, the book’s charismatic team of storytellers.

Doogle the dinosaur, Buttons the bear and Cabbage the cat live in Storyland where stories grow on the story tree. One night a storm blows them all away. Join the three friends to find a wicked witch, a dragon with a sweet tooth, bouncing bed bugs, a lonely giant, a frightened ghost, aliens…to name a few, and bring them back safely. 

Storytime was a joy to narrate, a colourful collection of stories, each with several big characters with big shoes to fill! For many reasons, Storytime became a massively important book to me. Not only do I get to read it every night to my little boy, but as of Spring 2020, it has been featured on the World Book Day website, available to stream in classrooms and homes around the world.

Storytime is featured on the World Book Day website among many names I grew up listening to, so I couldn’t be prouder of this amazing audiobook project. You can still watch a selection of my favourites, read live in the studio on the Head of Zeus YouTube channel. Stream the entire book on the official World Book Day website.

Many thanks to Georgie Adams, Magda Brol, World Book Day and Zephyr.

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