The Apprentice is back

It’s a new season of BBC The Apprentice and the big business boys are BACK and businessier than ever.

BBC the apprentice is back and more intense than ever!


The Apprentice is back for a new series with Lord Alan Sugar and it’s bigger than ever. There are more candidates with more diverse skills than ever before, challenges that will test their wit and determination to win the race, and – most importantly – more money to be won from Lord Sugar than ever before!

The New Candidates

The candidates are more diverse and younger than ever before – who will be the Apprentice star that becomes Lord Sugar’s business partner? The average age of this year’s crop is 26, which is quite a bit lower than in previous years. Many of the apprentice candidates look like they’re fresh out of college (which means they probably aren’t as prepared for the challenges that are coming).

The confidence levels among these young people are also off-the-charts high! It seems like every single one has an unshakeable belief in their own abilities to succeed at whatever task Lord Sugar, Karren Brady and Tim Campbell throws at them—and I love it! If there’s one thing we all need on this planet, it’s more confident people!

Lord Sugar’s Challenges

You can’t have a show without challenges, and the apprentice has more than ever before. In fact, they’re more intense than ever before! And exciting! And there’s so much money to be won that you’re going to be dizzy from all these numbers by the end of this section.

So what do these challenges look like? Well…

This series is going to make the apprentice show even better

The apprentice is back and better than ever.

After the previous series, which was just a rehash of the same old format with Lord Sugar and some other minor changes, BBC Show The Apprentice has risen from the dead and is ready to take on all comers with a vengeance. The show has been given an overhaul in order to bring it back up-to-date with modern viewers.

The first thing you’ll notice as you watch this year’s series of The Apprentice is that it hasn’t changed much since last time around – but then again, why should it? This show works because it does what it does well: gathering together some of Britain’s most driven young people and subjecting them to intense pressure in order for them to prove themselves worthy of being business leaders in the future.

Who are the advisors of Lord Sugar?

Baroness Karren Brady has served as Lord Sugar’s righthand since 2010 after taking over from Margaret Mountford. The actress returned to the program during season 15 and accompanied the show’s first winner Tim Campbell to replace the injured Claude Littner. While Claude recently confirmed he felt “good enough” to return to Apprentice, Campbell will become the aide of Lord Sugar for season 17 while Karren returns to the show. The BBC announced Claude would appear in two episodes.


The apprentice is back and it’s even better than ever! The show has been nominated for many awards in the past, but this series has taken it to a whole new level. If you like watching shows like Dragons’ Den then you will love this one too! There are some great people competing this time around who have interesting backgrounds and stories to tell about their lives so far.

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