The Violent Truth Behind Anne Hathaway Movies

The real story behind Anne Hathaway movies, according to the latest episode of AI Biographies, is as violent as something you’d see in a Robert De Niro gangster film. It’s definitely unlike any Anne Hathaway films on Netflix. 

Anne Hathaway, the Princess Diaries and Dark Knight Rises star, quickly goes from a young girl shot to stardom to an unhinged violent lunatic. According to artificial intelligence, Christopher Nolan ‘s Catwoman turns cat burglar and gets herself on the wrong side of the law very quickly. Of all the classic Anne Hathaway performances, this is easily the darkest. Thank God it’s all made up. 

If you prefer Anne Hathaway in a romantic setting opposite Matthew McConaughey or Hugh Jackman, or you grew up watching the Princess Diaries or Ella Enchanted, please accept my apologies. Hathaway plays no actual part in this, you’ve just stumbled on a stupid corner of the internet.

About AI Biographies

Even if you are among the most talked about stars on the planet, computers can get it hilariously wrong, as shown in AI Biographies.

Using AI driven text generating software, these mini biographies on some of the most popular names in show business very quickly miss the mark, descending into chaos almost instantly. After just a few seconds, multimillion selling singer songwriter Taylor Swift is trying to control the world with a mysterious virus and nuclear bombs, Oscar winning actress Anne Hathaway is serving a two year stint in prison and Michael Sheen is revealed to be both Oprah Winfrey and the Pope.

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