TikTok is bad so why am I doing it? Too Late EP2

0:00 TikTok is bad, so why am I doing it?
0:47 Stubble on a man means he’s lying
01:33 Going viral on TikTok
02:54 The TikTok follower problem
03:54 TikTok names to use – remember Hotmail
07:33 Is Craig Charles my dad?
08:20 TikTok food videos are lying to you
11:41 Does TikTok listen to you?
14:21 TikTok family dance videos must be stopped
15:47 What TikTok does to your brain
18:19 TikTok fights

Too Late with Chris Devon

In this weekly podcast, tired actor and comedian Chris Devon has a drink and a sit down. That’s it.

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