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Chris Devon is a voice actor well known for his wit and energy in animation and comedy. With nearly 100 audiobooks, roles in “Trotties” on Tiny Pop, educational TV globally and BBC Bitesize content, he’s a hit among younger audiences. Chris’ comedy sketches have amassed millions of views, showcasing his ability to connect with all ages. A familiar radio voice since 2011, Chris captivates audiences with memorable and humorous content.

Voice Acting Samples

Animation showreel
Gaming showreel
Corporate narration showreel
Commercial showreel

CV and recent acting credits

Animation Examples

Audiobook Samples

Lies that Bind by Rob Sinclair (Psychological thriller)
A Decade in Tory by Russ Jones (Non fiction satire)
Guardians of Magic by Chris Riddell (children’s/fantasy, dialogue with character work)
Last Days by Adam Nevill (Horror, first person narration)
Wild Sky by Lexi Rees (Middle grade/fantasy, 5 character scene, M/F dialog and Scottish accent)
Monstrous Devices by Damien Love (YA/sci fi thriller, dialogue, German accent)

Corporate Examples

Writing a story is a craft, but so is reading a story out loud. It’s a performance of a single voice that must engage the reader and hold them. Chris Devon does this; he’s a terrific narrator and reader of stories.

Adam Nevill, Author

Voice Skills

Natural voice – General British, gentle northern (Staffordshire)

Accents – RP, Cockney, Black Country, Lancastrian, Mancunian, Scouse, Yorkshire, Scottish English, Welsh English, Southern Irish, General American, New York City

Vocal Attributes – Young adult, Natural, Articulate, Fresh, Friendly, Ideal for children, Dynamic, Eccentric, Confident, Animated

Training and Coaching

  • Dubbing for Children’s Animation – Julie-Ann Dean
  • Voice for Performance – Central School of Speech and Drama
  • Audiobook Coaching – Pat Fraley & Scott Brick
  • 121 Vocal Coaching – Nicola Redman

The Studio

Fully treated custom built studio space with professional acoustic treatment inside and out. Situated in a rural location.

  • Neumann TLM103 condenser microphone
  • AT4040 condenser microphone
  • DBX 286s Mic preamp/processor
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 A/D interface

Being read to can be one of the simplest, yet one of the greatest pleasures there is. But reading a book aloud in a way that keeps listeners engaged from beginning to end is as difficult a balancing act as writing one. As a narrator, Chris brings great care for his craft along with a sharp ear for detail and a vivid sense of character – not to mention boundless enthusiasm. It’s a combination that can lift words off the page and give them life in ways even the author never quite expected: a kind of real-life magic.

Damien Love, Author

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